The PLPF programs accept applicants twice a year and start in FALL(August) and Spring (February).

The HVACR program only accepts applicants once a year and start each FALL.

Read through this information before applying to the apprenticeship program.

You will need to gather some documents before you begin. 


   Effective August 1, 2023 

LU72 Wages & Fringe Value (2021-2024 CBA)

Position Paycheck

True Value

Projected Weekly Earning 

Projected Yearly Earning 
Journeyman $36.58 $53.09 $1,463.20 $76,086.40
5YR Apprentice $29.25 $40.80 $1,170.00 $60,840.00
4YR Apprentice $25.60 $37.15 $1,024.00 $53,248.00
3YR Apprentice $21.95 $33.50 $878.00 $45,656.00
2YR Apprentice $18.65 $30.20 $746.00 $38,792.00
1YR Apprentice $16.45 $25.56 $658.00 $34,216.00
Helper $12.00 $14.70 $480.00 $24,960.00

 Apprentices may be eligible for a pay increase every August 1st if all school requirements are met.  

 Journeyman wage increases impact Apprentice wage levels.  The "True Value" includes the benefits that are included on top of your check. 


   General Information - Apprenticeship Program


1. 5-year structured program - No previous knowledge required.

2. Work during the day & learn from a journeyman.

3. Hybrid Learning Structure (online, classroom, shop, & on-the-job).

4. Minimum 210 classroom hours & 200 hours of on-the-job training hours.  

Before Completing an Application

1.  Read about each of the crafts offered. 

A. See the PROGRAMS dropdown menu for specific craft information.

2.  Applicants will be required to select a craft during this application process. 

3.  Apprentices may change crafts after enrollment with Board approval, but this may require you to receive additional training.  

4.  To enroll in the HVACR program, Applicants must meet one the following criteria:

A. Have 2 years of documented work experience in HVACR. (W-2's or check stubs will verify employment)

B. OR - Complete an HVACR technical school program. 

C. OR - Be accepted during interviews and obtain a job with a signatory contractor by the end of the 1st semester.   

Application Requirements

1. All application packets should be submitted in English. 

2. Applicants must:

A.  Be at least 18 years of age. (Young graduates who turn 18 during the summer after graduation may apply if employed with a signatory contractor).  

B.  Provide all required items in the online application

C.  Provide a driver's license and a 2nd form of ID. (Examples: Birth Certificate, SS card, US Citizen ID, US Passport)

D.  An OFFICIAL Transcript with the graduation date & grades (HS, Technical, Trade School, or 4-year college, OR official GED scores)

E.  Provide your military separation form, DD-214 (Veterans Only).

3.  Submit the transcript of highest training completed, not your diploma. 

What's Next, after Application?

1. Applicants that meet the MTI qualifications will be scheduled an interview.

A.  It will also be posted on the MTI website homepage "MTI-JATT News & Updates."

B.  Applicants may check after August 21,2023, to preview the interview schedule and procedures on the website.

C.  Applicants must report to their scheduled interview. Failure to appear for interview will nullify application. 

D.  Applicants accepted in are only "conditionally" accepted.

E.  All applicants conditionally accepted in the program must submit to drug test (scheduled by MTI), receive a negative result, and attend a mandatory orientation. 
Receiving a positive drug test result or failure to take a drug test when originally requested will nullify and applicant's application for one year.  
Applicants would have to re-apply for the program. 

F.  Any applicant who has previously been terminated, withdrawn from the program, must wait 30 days before reapplying. 

Apprenticeship Program Requirements

1.  Attend all mandatory orientations and serve a one-year probation period during your first year in the program. 

2.  Meet all school, work, and on-the-job hour requirements in order to advance in the apprenticeship program. 

A.  Report to work on a regular basis in order to acquire the required on-the-job training hours needed. 

B.  Maintain reliable transportation to all locations that are in the Local 72 jurisdiction at all times to participate in the program. (See the Local 72 jurisdiction map below).

C.  Work under the direction of a Journeyman and perform satisfactorily. 

D.  Attend the related training classes and maintain a minimum average of 70.

3.  Follow the policies and regulations of the Mechanical Trades Institute.

The Local 72 working jurisdiction is highlighted yellow.  



Interviews & Notification of Acceptance into Program

1.  Continue to check the school's website for posted announcements and details.

A.  The Board of Trustees makes the final decision as to who and how many are accepted into our program. 

B.  Interviews for the FALL semester acceptance are held in June or July.  Interviews for Spring semester are held in December or January.

C.  Applicants that have been working with one of the signatory contractors for over 3 months are granted "Direct Entry", which means the applicant.
bypasses the interview process and is conditionally accepted pending a drug test and attendance at the mandatory orientation. 

D.  Interviews will be conducted at the Apprenticeship School, 6120 Purdue Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30336.

E. The Acceptance List will be posted on the school's website 2-3 days after interviews.

F. Those accepted must attend a mandatory orientation to start the program. All orientations are held at 6120 Purdue Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30336.

   Receiving CREDIT for previous Experience or Training

1.  To receive credit for previous WORK EXPERIENCE, an applicant must provide proper documentation.

A.  Examples could include an employer letter of reference, previous W-2's, a current resume' with references (including contact information.

B.  No one will receive credit without an evaluation from a full-time staff member of the apprenticeship school. 
You must schedule your evaluation with the craft coordinator.

2.  To receive credit for prior TRADE RELATED TRAINING, the applicant must provide official transcripts from an accredited technical or trade school, certificates or certification cards.

Applying at Local Union 72 

1.  After each applicant has submitted a completed application, you are eligible to make application with Local Union #72 and begin working as a Helper/Pre-Apprentice in the trade for $12.00/hour while going through the application process (PROVIDED THAT WORK IS AVAILABLE).

2.  Applications are accepted year-round at the Atlanta location Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 10:00 am AND 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 pm 

Local Union 72 -(Atlanta) - (374 Maynard Terrance, SE Atlanta, GA  30336 /404-373-5778)

$20 Application Fee (DOES NOT accept cash/ Does accept check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard ONLY)

Must provide 2 forms of identification (Valid Driver's License, Social Security Card, or Birth Certificate)

 Local Union 72 -(Rome) - (110 Darlington Drive, SW Rome, GA  30161/ 1-706-291-6635)

(Accepts check or money order ONLY)


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